Working at the Bell Food Group

Qualified and motivated employees are our greatest asset. A modern infrastructure and high-quality products are the basis for fulfilling our customers’ expectations. But it is ultimately our passion for our products, long-standing experience, valuable know-how and appreciation of colleagues, co-workers and customers that give the Bell Food Group a recognisable face.

What you can expect from us

  • We have an open corporate culture that is based on our trust in and appreciation of our employees.
  • We offer progressive employment conditions with fair remuneration and attractive working conditions.
  • We cultivate a collaborative management style and communicate openly, honestly and responsively.
  • Thanks to the diverse opportunities for training and further education we offer, you can keep up-to-date and have a say in your professional future within the Bell Food Group.
  • We are dedicated to training budding talent and know how to combine traditional craftsmanship with new technology and progressive methods.
  • We appreciate the expertise of our experienced employees and are proud of the fact that a large proportion of our staff have been with us for an exceptionally long time.
  • Our corporate health management policy promotes and maintains the health of our employees at the workplace – and gained us the «Friendly Workspace» award.
  • The compatibility of work and private life is important to us. We therefore support flexible working time models such as part-time, full-time, flexitime and mobile office (where possible), but also, for example, the supplementation of maternity and paternity pay to 100 % of gross salary. Of course, we also provide technical work equipment such as a laptop, mouse, keyboard, headphones and, if necessary, business mobiles.
  • We greatly appreciate it when you advertise our vacancies in your network. If a person is successfully hired on your recommendation, you will receive a bonus from our employee referral programme.

Diversity at Bell Food Group

12’000employees of106nationalities

38%of all employees arewomen

4 generationswork together at Bell Food Group

150apprentices in40professions


19% are less than 30 years old29% are over 50 years old

Employees per Division:

Bell Switzerland: >3’600
Bell International: >3’600
Eisberg: >1’900

Hilcona: >1’800
Hügli: >1’600

We offer the following benefits

  • International environment
  • State-of-the-art facilities and processes
  • High standards of enjoyment, quality and sustainability
  • Attractive employment conditions and social benefits
  • 100 per cent payment of paternity/maternity leave with the option to extend the time off and the possibility of returning at a reduced workload
  • Flexible working time models in the spirit of «New Work» 
  • Equipment for mobile office (laptop, mouse, keyboard, headphones, business mobile if necessary)
  • Open corporate culture with a high degree of diversity
  • A wide range of training and development opportunities as part of the Coop Group's extensive training programme and therefore also the chance of a specialist or management career
  • Company health management and safety in the workplace
  • Tradition, experience and a great deal of technical expertise in food production

Would you like to learn more about the Bell Food Group?

On our website you will not only find information about our corporate profile, values and strategies, but also details about our business areas, the history of our company and our commitment to sustainability.

Job vacancies

Bell Food Group offers you many different job profiles with exciting development opportunities. Apply now!

Job vacancies

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Do you have any further questions?

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Maria Horvath

+41 58 326 3183

Georg Kirchmaier is Head of Quality Assurance at Süddeutsche Truthahn AG

His recipe for success: He kept his love of enjoying food with all his senses to this day.

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What you can expect from our managers

The management principles define the topics that are important to us in managing our company and our employees. The management principles are binding for all managers and serve as a guideline for all employees.

  • We are open, uncomplicated and reliable.
  • We listen and provide reasons.
  • We act in a customer-, target- and performance-oriented manner.
  • We treat our employees with respect.
  • We believe in our strengths.
  • We take responsibility.
  • We take decisions, implement them and look to the future.
  • We think and act entrepreneurially.
  • We make consistent use of work tools.
  • We act at all times in an ethically correct manner.

Your career with us

The Bell Food Group sets great store by employee training and further education. We offer apprenticeships in more than 15 professions. We systematically identify and promote the potential of our employees through our talent management system. Our goal is to fill the majority of key positions within the company with internal candidates.

How to submit your application

Send us your documents

Have you found a position that interests you? Please use our online application form to send us all your application documents. We will review your application carefully and in detail - this may take a few days.

Invitation to an interview

If we think that you and your qualifications best match our requirements profile for a vacant position, we will invite you to an interview.

Getting to know one another

During the interview we will give you an overview of the Bell Food Group and outline the scope of the job you are applying for. The best way for you to show us that you seriously wish to work for the Bell Food Group is by finding out in advance about the job and our company. Once we have seen all the candidates we will be in a position to decide on a potential employment relationship with you. We will then contact you to confirm that the interest is mutual and to arrange a second interview.

And once you are sure that we are right for you and vice versa …

… then the door to your future career is open. The contract details will be finalised during an appointment discussion conducted by telephone or in person.

Job vacancies

Bell Food Group offers you many different job profiles with exciting development opportunities. Apply now!


Lukas Coreth is deputy head of the production department at Hilcona

His recipe for success: a positive attitude and high motivation empower you to progress in your career while at the same time helping to create a good atmosphere in which everyone enjoys their work.

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This is how you start with us

A period of personal training

We take the time to inform you in depth about your department, your site and your company. You will receive an introductory programme so that you can feel professionally and personally comfortable as quickly as possible.

A personal contact

A personal contact from your department will be by your side throughout the training period.

Exchanges with other employees

With a view to social and value-oriented integration, we regularly organise introductory events for our employees that provide information on staff representation, occupational safety and quality management. In this context, it is also possible to exchange ideas and get to know employees beyond your own team. By the way: even in these times of the coronavirus, we want to interconnect our employees as much as possible. Even if no face-to-face event is possible, we do everything we can to bring you together digitally!

Going digital

The training period is complemented by various online courses on topics such as food safety and IT security. And we've already been able to digitise part of our extensive course curriculum on leadership, communication and self-management – more courses will follow.

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