Vision and Mission

In a world in which everything is in flux, we interpret change as an opportunity. We want to develop so that, together with our custom­ers and partners, we can make our food man­ufacturing processes more responsible and sustainable. In doing so, we are constantly on the lookout for convincing products and solu­tions that offer added value – open, curious and with a fine understanding of future needs and requirements. We love trying out new things and we take the lead – with great entrepre­neurial daring on the strength of a solid business foundation. We combine experience, finely-honed craftsmanship and a diverse skill set to turn both big and small ideas into reality. We make a difference everywhere we are engaged, further our customers as reliable partners and shape the future of our industry. Step by step, we are working to achieve our vision: Leading in Food.

Three missions designed to differentiate our company were defined for the Bell Food Group:

We love the good things.

Everything we do is good and has been a guar­antee for the best quality for more than 150 years. We accompany, support and inspire our custom­ers, partners and consumers with our broad-based skill set, finely-honed craftsmanship and solid financial foundation. This is why you can count on us – now as well as in the future.

We shape the future.

We do not simply accept things the way they are, but constantly challenge ourselves and our customers to make things better and to find solutions for known as well as new challenges. This is how we anticipate and energetically shape the future.

We take responsibility.

It is our responsibility to think and act sustain­ably. We know that there is much to do still, and we do everything we can to improve a little bit every day. We want to set a good ex­ample and contribute to a life in harmony with our environment.

Functional strategies 

Our functional strategies (superordinate cor­porate strategies) are derived from our vision, corporate guiding principles and missions. The missions apply to the entire Bell Food Group. In addition, every division formulates individ­ual, company-specific missions based on its performance characteristics, thus making its own contribution to the achievement of the superordinate vision.

The functional strategies serve as Group-wide guidelines when it comes to our sales markets, brands, production, procurement, finances, information technologies and employees while still providing sufficient leeway to accommodate company-specific and regional differences. As the basis of our corporate conduct, sustainabil­ity and quality form an integral part of all stra­tegic considerations.

Corporate profil

When it comes to achieving our vision, we are guided by the collected rules of conduct that define our binding corporate philosophy. The corporate guiding principles are rounded out by our Code of Conduct, the framework for our detailed internal compliance guidelines.


We appreciate and consistently promote a di­versity of cultures and skill sets. This diversity continues to inspire us and help us think outside the box.


We keep up with the times. We are familiar with the needs of our employees, customers and society, cultivate an open exchange of views and get involved. This is how we move forward, together.


We convince our customers with our competence and great ability to perform. In doing so, we always strive to provide the best quality while remaining sustainable. We set benchmarks in the production of food and guarantee a host of pleasurable experiences.


We do our work every day with much curiosity and entrepreneurial foresight. We recognise opportunities and tackle new things with cour­age, consistency and passion. This is how we inspire our customers and break new paths.


We invest in long-term, eye-to-eye relationships that challenge and promote us all. Trust, reli­ability and fairness are the key success factors in this respect, allowing us to make a difference, together.