Joyful, competent and responsible, we want to be one of the best food companies in Europe. Step by step, we are working to achieve our vision: Leading in Food. An enormous objective towards which we all work hard every day and in which we are all guided by shared values and principles.

Business area strategies

The Bell Food Groupʼs wide range of products is reflected in its business areas. In order to meet the specific needs of the individual business areas with regard to the manufac-tured products, sales markets and customers, each business area pursues an individual business area strategy based on our «Leading in Food» vision.

Bell Schweiz

The best for meat and seafood
Acting competently and responsibly with a happy working environment, Bell Switzerland is the best provider in Switzerland. 

Bell International

Passionate about poultry and meat products
Acting responsibly, Bell International produces regional meat product specialities and is the most sustainable poultry producer in Europe.


Simply Fresh
With its fresh products, Eisberg brings healthy enjoyment to the daily lives of people.


Enjoy fresh quality every day
Hilcona creates healthy and carefully prepared products for the simple enjoyment of those who want to eat better. 


Pure Taste
Hügli is dedicated to culinary enjoyment and works passionately to promote natural flavour.

Functional strategies

The functional strategies serve as Group-wide guidelines for brands, finances, IT, employees and sustainability while still providing sufficient leeway to accommodate company-specific and regional differences

Strategic thrusts

Strengthen our core business

With Bell Schweiz, the Bell Food Group wants to sustainably expand its leading position in its core business with meat, poultry, charcuterie and seafood in the retail and food service market by further differentiating its product ranges and services. In the international business, the focus will continue to fall on strengthening the market position and profitability of air-dried ham and expanding the range of sustainable poultry products.

Grow with convenience and vegetarian products

The Bell Food Group wants to strengthen its position in the convenience market in the DACH region by fully exploiting the capacities offered by the new production facility in Marchtrenk (AT). The focus falls on developing new product solutions, increasing the degree of convenience and adding new products to the vegetarian and poultry convenience product ranges. The development of new food solutions for the food service sector will be another focal topic. These involve holistic product concepts that take account and improve the efficiency of the existing infrastructure and processes of customers in the food service sector.

Invest in efficiency and performance

To ensure its long-term performance capacity in the core business with meat products in Switzerland, the Bell Food Group has launched a comprehensive investment programme at the Oensingen (CH) site. The planned new facilities for the cutting, packaging and picking of products will bring improvements in process automation, increase the efficiency of logistics services and improve sustainability with regard to resource consumption and food waste. The planned investments at Hilconaʼs headquarters in Schaan (LI) will take a similar course, with the focus also falling on the modernisation of the production and logistics processes.


Three values have been defined for the Bell Food Group with which we want to differentiate ourselves as a company: customer-orientated, entrepreneurial, responsible.


We love the good things.

Everything we do is good and has been a guarantee for the best quality for more than 150 years. We accompany, support and inspire our customers, partners and consumers with our broad-based skill set, finely honed craftsmanship and solid financial foundation. This is why you can count on us – now as well as in the future.


We shape the future.

We do not simply accept things the way they are, but constantly challenge ourselves and our customers to make things better and to find solutions for known as well as new challenges. This is how we anticipate and energetically shape the future.


We take responsibility.

It is our responsibility to think and act sustainably. We know that there is still much to be done, and we are doing everything we can to improve a little every day. We want to set a good example and make a contribution to a life in harmony with our environment.