Vision and values

We want to reach the top together – in many different regards. Be it with our range of products and services, our skills and competencies or the reputation of the Bell Food Group among our many stakeholders. Together with our internal and external partners, we strive towards making our vision a reality in our everyday operations.

To achieve our vision of «Together to the top» and to implement our missions in practice, we follow rules of conduct that are resumed in our binding corporate guiding principles. Our corporate guiding principles are supplemented by our code of conduct, which provides the framework for our detailed internal compliance guidelines.

Corporate profil

Our corporate philosophy summarises the values of the Bell Food Group and serves to guide us in our daily interaction with others. It lays the foundation for our rules of conduct and management principles and applies to all employees, from apprentices to Executive Board members. Our corporate philosophy is intended to be motivating and a constant reminder of how we should conduct ourselves on the way to the top, together.


Together we achieve convincing targets. We are players on the international, national,  regional and local stages. We build on the individual strengths of our employees and offer them a wealth of development and career progression opportunities.


Together we come closer to one another. We know our customers and speak their language. We take customer concerns seriously and offer round-the-clock services. We ourselves are passionate customers of our companies.


Together we create added value. We have a reputation for freshness and quality. We are uniquely committed to sustainability in all its dimensions: economic, ecological and social. We set the standards for service and customer guarantees. We communicate proactively and effectively.


Together we shape our future. We are initiators and developers of new sustainable services. We facilitate effective and fast processes by combining skills and discretionary competence. We inspire the courage to be creative and the will for change. We measure ourselves against the best and pay attention to detail. We use new technologies to design intelligent solutions. We are a learning organisation.


Together we create trust. We agree on objectives and measures. We act in compliance with defined customer and supplier principles, internally and externally. We find solutions as part of a constructive dialogue. We consistently implement decisions. We lead by example. We act responsibly and in a socially acceptable manner. We reward success.

Mission statements

Each division has its own individual missions which contribute to the fulfilment of our overall vision. Three missions designed to differentiate our company were defined for the Bell Food Group. Quality takes absolute precedence in everything that we do. With our highly refined craftsmanship and state-of-the-art production processes, we guarantee the highest possible quality throughout the entire product portfolio. When it comes to sustainability, we want to set an example for our industry. We are aware of our responsibilities – for our products, the efficient use of resources and protection of the climate as well as for our employees and society. We consider sustainability aspects in all our decisions. We offer pleasure and great taste to millions of consumers every day through our broad range of top-quality fresh foods.

Corporate strategies

Our corporate strategies are derived from our vision, corporate guiding principles and missions. Functional strategies serve as Group-wide guidelines as regards our sales markets, brands, production, procurement, finances, information technology and employees while still allowing sufficient scope to accommodate company-specific and regional differences. As the basis of our corporate conduct, sustainability and quality form an integral part of all other strategic considerations.

Strategic focus

The Bell Food Group has defined four strategic directions for its future activities.

Strengthening its leading position in the traditional meat, poultry, charcuterie and seafood segment

We want to use the experience we have gained over 150 years to further strengthen our leading position in the traditional meat, poultry, charcuterie and seafood business segment. We will do so by focusing on our core competencies of quality, taste and craftsmanship as well as sustainable production.

As some markets are already approaching the limits of their growth potential, we will use selected investments and ongoing process optimisation to focus on improving productivity, adding value and efficiency.

Expanding our market share in the high-growth and high-margin convenience market

The Bell Food Group intends primarily to exploit the opportunities for expansion offered by the high-growth and high-added value convenience market to gain market shares organically and through acquisitions. By selectively expanding our production capacities we service this market with modern and attractive products. As a competent partner we help our customers to develop this category further and to offer consumers attractive everyday product solutions.

Substantial strengthening of the food services channel

In some product groups more than half of the products are consumed outside the home. Increasing convergence of the retail and food service markets can also be seen. We are taking advantage of the potential offered by the high-growth food service market in Europe by strengthening our penetration of this market and expanding our range of tailor-made product solutions. We consistently exploit the synergies within the Bell Food Group in our marketing activities.

Expanding our presence in Europe

Numerous customers engage in international activities. As a result they also prefer working together with internationally focused business partners.

Other customers attach importance to the local origin of their products. With the expansion of our presence in Europe and our many decentralised production plants we can offer tailor-made solutions to all our customers. Our international presence also enables us to take account of the divergent dynamics in the different European markets.