«Zero meat. Genuine Swiss.»

For over a year now, in Swiss gastronomy «The Green Mountain» burger has been regarded as the alternative for all burger fans who want to reduce their meat consumption. Since the end of March this year, the consumer has fi nally had the opportunity to enjoy the patties. Accompanied by a large set of measures, «The Green Mountain» burger was successfully launched in the retail trade and is enjoying growing popularity.

Whether out of love for animals or to protect the environment, more and more people are giving up meat, either entirely or in part. But does this mean that people have to give up on juicy burgers as well? Werner Ott, «The Green Mountain» project manager says: «No!»

With «The Green Mountain» burger, the in-house start-up manufacturer from Landquart offers a vegan burger based on pea protein, which can easily compete the beef original. Hilcona already proved its pioneering role in the vegan sector when it introduced the innovation for the gastronomy industry: «The Green Mountain» burger was the first vegetable- based burger developed and produced in Switzerland. Now, the successful concept is being extended to the Swiss retail trade: since the end of March, Coop customers have been able to see for themselves that the new burger looks like meat, can be prepared like meat, and also tastes like meat.

And the patties are an excellent source of protein. They are also rich in dietary fibres and vitamin B12. At the same time, the manufacturer does not use flavor enhancers, soya, genetic engineering, palm oil or added sugar. Furthermore, the burger is also free of cholesterol and lactose. Perfect for a conscious diet.

When selecting the raw materials, the product developers paid attention to ensuring the highest quality and also to short delivery routes, in the interests of sustainability. They source all ingredients from the EU, with the exception of coconut oil.

«The Green Mountain» burgers can be prepared on the grill as well as in the pan and oven, which is clearly recommended. This is because roasting and grilling develops an appetising brown colour and a delicious roasting flavour. «The Green Mountain» website offers creative recipe ideas: www.thegreenmountain.ch. Under the slogan «Zero meat. Genuine Swiss.», Hilcona has also launched an extensive marketing campaign with a variety of POS, social media and discount campaigns to launch the new product in the spring.

And the meatless pleasure continues: «The Green Mountain» is already working intensively on new products, and two more will be launched in the autumn. With these products the manufacturer is appealing above all to the growing target group of flexitarians, i.e. those who like to eat meat but want to limit their consumption. «We have got off to a very good start,» says Werner Ott summarizing the situation. «Sales in the first few weeks have even far exceeded our high expectations, and the great deal of consumer feedback shows us that we are on the right track.»