Change of Colours

With the largest graffito in Switzerland, Basel isnow one attraction richer. And Bell has played a notinsignificant role in this. The wall design underthe motto «Change of Colours» is on the façade ofthe Frigo cold warehouse.

Between August 20 and 30, 2020, a grey concrete wall of around 1800 m2 at Bellʼs headquarter sin Basel was transformed into a colourful work of art. The main attraction of the largest wall design in Switzerland is a large, three-part mural on the façade of the Frigo cold store on Neudorfstrasse, created by the internationally renowned street art artists Cenz, Bustart, Chromeo and Bane.

 On the left side, local hero Bustart created a colourful picture in his typical mixture of pop art and cartoon elements. The centre picture by the English artist Mr. Cenz shows an expressive portrait of a woman with flowing, cosmic-looking forms. On the rightside, the Swiss street art artists Chromeo and Bane have created a photorealistic, colourful3-D picture showing a spray can surrounded by flowers. In addition to the large mural, the walls on the corner of Neudorfstrasse/Schlachthofstrasse were redesigned by over 20 national and international graffiti artists.

Day 1: Ready to go

And theyʼre off. The artists begin with the priming of the big wall.

Day 2: Be prepared

After priming, the backgrounds are painted. The signs on the wall serve the artists as a grid for the picture later on.

Days 3 and 4: Workshop Time

The artist Bustart initiates the Executive Board of Bell Switzerland and employees of Bell into the art of spraying.

Days 5 to 7: Getting there

At temperatures well above 30 degrees, the artists work at great speed on their paintings...

Day 8: Finishing Touches

The large murals are now almost finished. Just a few last retouches...

Days 9 and 10: The Jam

After these large murals, more than 20 other works by national and international graffiti artists are being created on a length of more than200 metres at the Jam.

The wall design took place under the motto «Change of Colours». The colourful works of art are a symbol of the departure following what has been a difficult time for everyone, in which social and cultural life has temporarily come to an almost complete standstill. The wall design was organised and carried out by the «Verein Urbane Kunst Basel». Bell provided the necessary walls and actively supported the artists in ther ealisation.

All photos and videos were provided by the«Verein Urbane Kunst Basel».