Our employees make the difference – day after day

Our goal 2019 “People make the difference” focuses on the employees of the Bell Food Group. LOOK! takes a look behind the scenes and introduces some of our employees who make a valuable and irreplaceable contribution with their work.

Around 100 kilometres a day

Without Nedjmi Bekteshi’s punctuality, care and efficiency, many Eisberg products would probably arrive too late or not at all: Nedjmi Bekteshi manages the shuttle drivers at the Eisberg site in Dällikon. Six days a week, they transport produced and packaged products from production on Dänikerstrasse to the logistics centre three kilometres away, from where the products are picked for onward transport. The drivers work in two shifts and together they cover almost 100 kilometres a day. No trip is in vain, because on the way back empty containers, returns and internal mail are transported back to production. “I am proud that I can represent Eisberg innovatively and ecologically”, explains Bekteshi. The vehicles are electric shuttles. “I especially appreciate the clean and quiet public appearance, so we can represent Eisberg in the best possible way.”

Spotless and ready for action

The empty containers that reach the Abderrahim Ligassi’s cleaning in Oensingen may have come a long way. But whether they come directly from production in Oensingen or from a little further away – for example from another Bell site or a customer – they all have to be cleaned. After Abderrahim Ligassi has inspected the empty containers and cleaned them of dirt or labels, they are transported via a conveyor belt to the container washing machine. After cleaning, they continue to the empty container store. “Or I stack the containers in pallets by hand,” adds Ligassi, “afterwards they are ready for use again in the production in Oensingen.” He is particularly proud of his work when the whole process runs smoothly and there are no downtimes or delays. “You have to be flexible. Sometimes I have to tighten a screw or temporarily tie a broken metal bar until the technician arrives”, he explains. “I do everything so that the department works properly and the customers are satisfied!”

A trouble-free production

When things get really hot at work, Sandro Carigiet takes to it like a duck to water. As the team leader for operational electrics at the Hilcona site in Schaan, he is responsible for correctly allocating the available resources when day-to-day business is running smoothly. He and his team are challenged from four o’clock in the morning until half past eleven at night. The rest of the time is covered by the stand-by. In several shifts they solve up to 60 incidents per day. At the same time, they supervise various internal projects, such as maintenance work or the modernisation of older plants. “We work with numerous systems from various manufacturers all over the world, from measurement and control technology to sensors, printing systems and camera technology”, explains Carigiet. The goal is a trouble-free production. In everyday life, however, this is not always possible, which is why malfunctions must always be rectified as quickly as possible. Sometimes improvisation is required, Sandro Carigiet notes and affirms: “To get to the bottom of stubborn mistakes together with my team makes me happy – and of course if everything works as it should!”

A culinary visiting card

They provide culinary advice for guests, customers and colleagues and master the daily balancing act between kitchen and office, desk and chef’s hat: Philipp Glauser and Gebhard Längle work at Hügli as culinary advisors. Their everyday life is diverse and varied, they are often on the go – whether they are tasting food, supporting food shootings and recipes, providing expert advice or cooking for customers and guests at trade fairs. While doing so, cuisine, culinary delight and their passion for cooking are always at the centre of their efforts. “I am proud to be able to help shape Hügli’s culinary visiting card”, says Gebhard Längle, who is also responsible for the staff restaurant at the Steinach site. Philipp Glauser adds: “It is great that we can inspire our customers with our products every day.”

Always cheerful and in a good mood

Donata Ismail washes, irons and distributes the laundry of the Charcuterie Cheseaux near Lausanne. She treats the clothes with particular care: “Every work colleague should wear well-fitting, comfortable clothes that above all comply with hygiene regulations.” In addition to working in the laundry, she is also responsible for cleaning the premises. But even if she has to roll up her sleeves to complete both tasks on time, Donata Ismail keeps her optimism: “I’m always happy and in a good mood. My work gives me the feeling of doing something good and being needed. Since I joined Bell, I have more self-confidence and am looking forward to every morning full of anticipation.” A good attitude that she has already demonstrated in various departments of the company. “I was most impressed by my appointment as Line Manager. This is an important task, and I was the first woman to hold this position in Cheseaux.”

Service mentality in action

Henning Schwarm did not have much time to get to know his new employer when he started in his position as Head of IT Infrastructure & Customer Care at Hügli in Radolfzell, Germany, in January 2019. After all, day-to-day business doesn’t take a break. Around 7,000 incidents and change requests are received each year via the ticket system. In addition to various projects and meetings with customers, colleagues, employees and service providers, there are 20 to 30 tickets per day that need to be processed. “Bringing day-to-day business, project business and the unforeseen under one roof is certainly the greatest challenge”, explains Schwarm, “for example, when a line failure recently occurred in a production plant and we carried out an important parallel migration of all PCs and users at all locations.” Henning Schwarm is supported by 14 employees at two locations. “I am proud that my team and I are working together to ensure that the system works, from a simple laptop to larger production facilities”, he says. “It is important to me that we are perceived as a competent service provider – and that we live this service mentality.”

Freshness served with love

Thanks to Ines Eggenschwiler and her team, around 900 employees can look forward to freshly prepared menus every day. Ines Eggenschwiler manages the staff catering at the four Eisberg locations in Switzerland. “Freshness is particularly important to us”, she explains. “Our advantage: We receive salads, fruits and vegetables prepared from production. So we save time and can cook creatively and freshly instead.” Eggenschwiler not only pays attention to seasonality and sustainability, but also to culinary variety: With Hindu days, Asian and Turkish dishes or typical Swiss cuisine, she tries to consider the 52 nationalities in the company: “We want our guests to feel at home with us and be able to relax.” And they succeed, a small anecdote proves: “During a company audit, my cook prepared a fresh, beautifully decorated sponge cake roll for dessert, despite the high level of activity”, says Ines Eggenschwiler delightedly. “The auditor was so enthusiastic that she even mentioned the dessert in her concluding remark. Such moments make me very proud!”

On the move as a problem solver for the catering trade

Axel Dröge, who works as Concept Development Manager at Hilcona’s Food Service, knows that good food connects: “Good products are well prepared, the concept is tailored to the needs of the customers and presented with a smile – thatʼs the door opener for successful business.” He likes to do more for it. For example, when he worked in a team of two at a four-day trade fair abroad and hardly any products were left on the first evening. No problem for the professional: “A few phone calls later we had organised a delivery of Hilcona products for the next morning. In addition, we were able to buy everything we needed at a local cash and carry store even without a customer card after closing time. The next morning we were ready again at nine o’clock to convince the visitors of the Hilcona quality.” Moreover, Axel Dröge always convinces his customers, as an event in Madrid with the sales team of a local wholesaler proves: “The guests were so enthusiastic about our Spanish adapted Hilcona programme that a team member spontaneously gave me a kiss when asked which product they liked best.”