Hilcona Taste Factory – the manufactory

In February 2019 Frostag Food-Centrum AG became the Hilcona Taste Factory. The Hilcona operation in Landquart, Switzerland, keeps on focusing on small series and vegetarian convenience.

The Hilcona subsidiary Frostag Food-Centrum AG has had a new name since February 2019: Hilcona Taste Factory. With the merger Hilcona strengthens its long-term strategy: the Hilcona Taste Factory is to be further developed into a specialist for small-batch pasta production and a competence centre for vegetarian products – a future-oriented solution to strengthen the location in Landquart, Switzerland, in the long term. “The Hilcona Taste Factory stands for the manufactory concept”, explains Sinuhe Hofstetter, plant manager in Landquart, “many processes are done by hand in our company.”

On around 5,000 square metres and eight lines, filled pasta, vegetarian dishes such as vegetable burgers, balls and escalopes, and tofu as well as specialities such as capuns and maluns will continue to be produced. At the beginning of April, the product range in Landquart was expanded: with the internal start-up “The Green Mountain” the Hilcona Taste Factory presented “The Green Mountain” burger, a vegan burger variant with the. The Hilcona Taste Factory has been part of Hilcona since January 2017. Its origin goes back to 1841, when one of the first pasta factories in Switzerland opened its doors in Chur. The acquisition by Hilcona meant the ideal succession plan for the company and the safeguarding of the business model in a growing market environment.