The first of its kind

At the end of September 2020, the latest innovation of the Hilcona start-up The Green Mountain arrived on the market: the first bakeable all-vegetable meat loaf. It is based on canola oil and pea proteins, and is the second vegan novelty of the start-up after the Green Mountain Burger, which was both developed and produced in Switzerland.

It looks like meatloaf, tastes like meatloaf and yet does not contain a single gram of meat. With the new meatloaf alternative, The Green Mountain presents another plantbased innovation. Last year, the Hilcona start-up launched the meatless Green Mountain Burger – the first vegan burger to be developed and produced in Switzerland.

Fewer calories, more enjoyment

The meatloaf alternative is made from high-quality ingredients: canola oil provides a moist texture and pea proteins have a natural binding effect. With 139 kcal per 100 grams, it has fewer calories than conventional meatloaf. And that without compromising on enjoyment. Whether as a snack on the go, for the creation of new meatless dishes in the catering industry or for relaxed cooking sessions at home, this meatloaf alternative can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Swiss development and novelty

«In developing this premiere, we placed great emphasis on the careful selection of ingredients with the shortest possible transport routes», Werner Ott, head of The Green Mountain start-up explains. 

«Our experienced team with food technologist Julia Sackers and the innovative young chefs is just as decisive for the unique recipe. With tremendous passion for plant-based products, they successfully developed the Green Mountain Burger a year ago».

Vegetable-based nutrition

The innovation is not only a delightful plantbased alternative for people who want to eat regularly without meat without having to give up the taste of meat, but also convinces with its ingredients: the plant-based meat loaf is produced without gluten-containing ingredients, contains valuable vitamin B12 and is low in saturated fatty acids.

One innovation after another

«The vegetarian trend in society has spurred us on to develop further products», explains Werner Ott. At the same time as the vegan meatloaf alternative, plant-based «minced meat» from The Green Mountain is now also available. «Yet we always remain true to our claim of sourcing as many ingredients as possible from Switzerland or surrounding countries»