Eisberg is a «superbrand»

Both our Hungarian customers and professionals in the industry believe that Eisberg is an authentic and successful brand. As a result, the company has recently been named a «superbrand» on two counts.

The fact that Eisberg is an outstanding brand in its segment has been confirmed once again by two awards received in Hungary. The «Superbrands Award» is awarded by consumers and shows how much customers appreciate the Eisberg brand. «On the one hand, we believe that we score with our quality products and our transparent communication with people. On the other hand, our social responsibility programme undoubtedly plays a major role», says Judit Szalai, Sales Manager at Eisberg Hungary.

Our Hungarian colleagues were just as pleased with the «Business Superbrands Award» from the expert jury as they were with the audience award.

This means that, once again, they are among the brands in the country that excel in business and are considered trusted partners by the industry.

«These awards are the result of the work by our entire team that guarantees the quality and freshness of our products every day. For us, they also mean that consumers and jury members alike voted for the values that are important to us: being natural, straightforward, having respect for people and helping others», explains Judit Szalai. This year, Eisberg Hungary won the «Superbrands Award» for the tenth time, and the «Business Superbrands Award» for the fourth time.