Corporate health management system puts employees in the spotlight

Bell Switzerland was awarded the «Friendly Work Space» label in autumn 2016. The label certifies that companies implement a broad range of measures to promote the health of their employees. These measures will be systematically structured, evaluated and developed on the basis of a corporate health management (CHM) system. The objective is to further improve the overall conditions for occupational health and to support employees with health problems.

Accidents, illnesses, problems with colleagues or superiors as well as other personal or social problems can affect employees’ health and have a negative impact on their ability to work. The resulting consequences are stress, dissatisfaction and, in extreme cases, prolonged absences or even a complete incapacity to work. It is for these reasons that Bell Switzerland has for some considerable amount of time implemented a whole range of measures to improve employee health and job satisfaction. They include preventive measures such as company physiotherapists and free flu vaccinations during the winter. Concrete improvements at the actual workplace are also implemented as and when needed. The individual needs and wishes of employees are taken into consideration as far as possible in this regard.

During the course of «Friendly Work Space» certification, Bell Switzerland introduced a corporate health management (CHM) policy in which these measures are systematically structured, evaluated and continuously developed.

Employees in difficult circumstances are offered assistance as part of case management. Individual measures are coordinated by the HR Department at Bell Switzerland Ltd. at a considerable degree of expense. «Our aim is to ensure that employees who become ill due to problems relating to their health, social circumstances or other issues can remain in the working environment or be sustainably reintegrated», explains Johannes Meister, Head of HR at Bell Switzerland.

Recognising and addressing health-related problems and other issues at an early stage is an important aspect of CHM. «We don’t want to start helping when it’s already too late. That is why it is important for employees to come to us and talk about their issues», explains Julia Peyer, the project manager responsible for CHM at Bell Switzerland.

Employees can decide who they choose to contact in this regard. The CHM programme provides a number of different internal and external advisory services free of charge. These different services help employees to find a solution and treat each case with strict confidentiality.