Group structure

The Bell Food Group consists of the Bell Switzerland, Bell International, Eisberg, Hilcona, Hügli and Finance/Services business areas. The Bell International business area comprises the divisions Bell Germany, Bell Western/Eastern Europe and Hubers/Sütag. 

Bell Food Group Ltd is the parent company of the Bell Food Group and has its registered office in Basel in Switzerland. It is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. The shares were listed on the stock exchange mainly to access a broader capital market and to pay tribute to the broad customer base of the Bell Food Group. Bell Food Group Ltd is the only listed company among the companies included in the consolidated financial statements.


The Bell Food Group has no cross-shareholdings or holdings in listed companies.

Business Area Bell Switzerland

Bell Switzerland is the leading Swiss meat processor and offers a full range of meat, charcuterie, poultry and seafood products. Bell has its origins in Basel.  Bell’s customers include the retail trade, food service sector and food industry.

Business Area Bell International

All activities in Germany, Spain, Benelux, France, Poland and Hungary as well as the the poultry business in Austria and Germany are conducted under the umbrella of Bell International. Bell Germany is an important provider of air-dried ham. Organisationally, the Bell Benelux sales organisation and the production plants in Spain specialising in Spanish charcuterie belong to Bell Germany. In France, Bell has several plants for producing regional cured sausage and air-dried ham specialities. Bell markets a wide range of its own products and merchandise in various Eastern European countries. Charcuterie specialities for the local market are produced in two plants in Poland and in Hungary. Hubers produces top-quality poultry products from its own integrated production in Austria and Germany.

Business Area Eisberg

The business area  Eisberg is specialising in the production of convenience salads; it has three production plants in Switzerland and one each in Hungary, Poland and Romania. Its wide range of products includes fresh salads and portions of freshly cut fruit and vegetables. 

Business Area Hilcona

The Business Area Hilcona produces a wide range of some 1,500 fresh convenience products at its facilities in Schaan (FL), Orbe (CH), Landquart (CH) an Bad Wünnenberg (DE) and markets these products predominantly in Switzerland, Germany and other European countries. In the neighbouring EU, Hilcona’s product range focuses on fresh pasta, although the company offers a wide range of fresh products on the Swiss market. 

Business Area Hügli

 Hügli is a leading European food enterprise offering dry mixed products in the convenience segment. Hügli provides its tailor-made product concepts to clients in the food service and retail markets as well as to brand owners and customers in the food processing industry.