Searching for the Bell employees of tomorrow

After the start of the training is before the start of the training. Hence, Bell recently launched a new campaign in Switzerland to address the next generation of applicants. In addition the Bell Food Group presents its qualities as an excellent training company on further occasions.

Actually, they are aspiring meat specialists, logistics or IT experts. But for the new apprenticeship campaign they jumped into the role of photo models at their workplaces. The result are great designs right out of working life. “Developing the new campaign, it was important for us to transmit the information about the occupational fields increasingly via pictures and keep the texts short”, reports Andreas Begré, Head of Vocational Training. “The applicants get a good impression at first glance of what awaits them here with us.” 

The HR department and the marketing department have now created a variety of materials with the new imagery such as flyers and posters. This includes the newly designed area for future students on the website of the Bell Food Group. The new campaign was present among others as early as this November at the Central Swiss Education Fair “ZEBI”, where so many young people were made aware of Bell as an employer. And next autumn two important fairs will take place where Bell introduces itself to the next generation: the “BIM” in Olten and the Basel Vocational and Further Training Fair.

Also very active in attracting applicants are Hilcona, Hügli and Bell Germany. So Hilcona is present at the “Next Step” in Schaan, at the “Lehre statt Leere” in Buchs and at the “Flumserei” in Flums, three important local fairs. “After fairs the number of applicants objectively increases”, reports Günter Grabher, Coordinator of Vocational Training at Hilcona. This is certainly not only the “cool” live show, where ice is made with liquid nitrogen, which attracts the students to the booth.

For Hügli, the “Stockach Careers Day” provides a good opportunity to present itself to young people. The company presents there for visitors a total of nine job profiles from the administration and production departments. Bell Germany goes with the training ambassadors Lea-Christine Rieckmann and Madeleine Heilmann another way to directly address students (see interview). If the pilot project proves to be successful, it could be extended to other locations and occupational fields. Bell Germany additionally attends three to five regional training fairs each year with a new booth concept, which was also developed by the dual student Lea-Christine Rieckmann, informing about the training opportunities at the Seevetal, Harkebrügge and Edewecht sites.

Careers at the Bell Food Group

Three questions to Lea-Christine Rieckmann, training ambassador at Bell Germany


How did you prepare for your first assignment as a training ambassador?

 Lea-Christine Rieckmann: First we participated in a two-day training session at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Then it was time to prepare the presentation for the schools. In the course of this, we also considered which questions could be asked. Since you cannot prepare for everything, even a bit of spontaneity is needed. 

How does a school visit happen? 

We start with a small digital quiz on the meat industry. This is a good door opener, because the students are allowed to use their mobile phones in class exceptionally. Then we show a short film about the Bell Food Group and present the training opportunities that are offered at our site in Seevetal – and commercial professions as well. At the end, the students can learn to distinguish between four types of ham at a degustation.

What kind of feedback do you get from the students and the teachers? 

The feedback has been very positive so far. I think this is because we can empathize with the young people. With an elderly contact person the inhibition would certainly be stronger. This is also evident from the fact how students become more open as soon as the teacher leaves the room.