Getting rather sporty

Exercise does you good and, when offset against work, is one of the best ways to improve your work-life balance. Whatʼs even better is if your employer is in favour of an active lifestyle and enables you to combine sport and your job more effectively.

“If sport came in the form of a tablet, it would be one of the most frequently prescribed drugs in the world,” professors at Emory University claimed. They werenʼt wrong. This is because exercise is good for you! People who do sport regularly are generally thought to be more satisfied, able to think more clearly, have more energy and remain productive. In other words, exercise not only keeps you fit, it also keeps you more alert mentally and enables you to concentrate for longer.

But in our day-to-day work – whether thatʼs in production or in administration – sport loses out for one or other of us from time to time. This can be because we donʼt have the time, the gym membership is too expensive or because, over time, going jogging on your own in your lunch break is not everyoneʼs idea of fun.

Itʼs better if your employer is in favour of an active lifestyle so that sport and career can be combined more effectively. Whether this is through employees being able to benefit from gym membership at a reduced rate, a sponsored run with the employerʼs logo on the t-shirt or directly by the employer providing sports groups for the staff to attend.

Exercise and fitness at work: The Hilcona sport group in Schaan 

At Hilcona in the Liechtenstein town of Schann, Dragan Leiler, Head of Preser-vation HFC, created a fitness group together with a colleague that still exists to this day and has gained members over the years. Sport enthusiasts meet regularly and the group is led, as ever, by trainer Dragan Leiler. In the training sessions, he not only appreciates the health benefits but in particular also the social components: “Alongside the preventative health exercises, I think the social aspect of different departments meeting up is important. Participants build very good connections with each other and leave the training sessions with smiles on their faces!” 

Out and about with lots of initiative: running, biking and playing football on behalf of your employer

At Eisberg in Hungary, a group of 10–20 sports fanatics have come together to take part in various sporting events. Whether itʼs running or riding a bike, they do it just because they enjoy it. They even represented Eisberg at several events in 2019. Among other activities, they ran in the “Zúzmara Half Marathon and Running Festival” and in the “Dunakanyar Half Marathon” and rode their bikes at the “K&H mozdulj! Biking Day”, whose course ran around a small lake. They also took part in the “McDonaldʼs Bringamania Biking Contest”. Eisberg Hungary supported the sport lovers with t-shirts, and also took on the costs of entry fee.

In addition, in September, Eisberg Hungary was involved in “Health Day” in the local community, where their activities included organising the “Eisberg Football Cup” in which Eisbergʼs own football team also participated.

And even in Switzerland, several sporty employees from the Basel region were involved in running in the B2RUN Basel company run with the Bell logo above the finish line. 18 runners mastered the course of just under six kilometres in scorching temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius.

“Multisport” and “update Fitness”: into the gym with a discount 

At Bell in Switzerland, staff can take advantage of a 10% discount on an annual subscription to an “update Fitness” provider, and can not only visit all gyms throughout Switzerland but also take various courses and group lessons.

The same is true at Eisberg in Poland, where staff can take advantage of a subscription to a “Benefit Systems” provider. Using what is called a Multisport card, employees have the use of various sports facilities – such as gyms, swimming pools or saunas, and also make use of numerous discounts. But the Multisport card also has another advantage: anyone not wishing to take make use of the sporting benefits of the card can also choose the health card instead. This card allows free visits to a doctor and claims for laboratory tests.