Served fresh

From refined salami, juicy burgers and unusual pasta creations to refreshing infusions – the Bell Food Group heralds the new decade with a whole host of delicacies. Anyone who doesn't then experience culinary spring fever has only themselves to blame.

Bell Switzerland: Meatloaf hot&cold

Whether hot with a crust or cold on a bread roll – the new meat loaf hot&cold goes along with everything. For fans of this speciality, Bell launched two varieties in the Swiss retail trade at the beginning of the year: the classic pork and beef version and a chicken variant. If you want to enjoy them hot, you can warm them in the oven and crown them with a baking crust if you wish.

Bell Switzerland: Chicken breast strips with salt and pepper

From mid-April, it’s a case of all good things coming in threes in the Bell toppings. With the chicken breast strips «Salt & Pepper», Swiss customers now have a new delicious variation to refine soups, salads or pizzas. The tender strips made from the best Swiss meat are just as delicious hot or cold, as the two already established products in the «Herbs»and «Honey» ranges.

Bell Switzerland: Premium beefburgers from Swiss premium breed cattle

Selected cuts of meat from Swiss cattle give the new «beef burger» varieties from Bell their special flavour. The animal-friendly open air ranching and the natural feeding of the cattle mainly with their mother’s milk, grass and hay contribute to this. Unseasoned and coarsely ground, the two varieties «Angus» and «Simmentaler» offer pure burger enjoyment from the freezer shelf.

Sylvain&CO: light refreshment with Botanic Waters

The new Botanic Waters from Sylvain&CO have all the good arguments on their side: they contain less than 20 kilocalories and not even four grams of sugar. Their fine taste is provided by regional herbs with an organic label. And even the bottle comes from local producers in Switzerland. The innovative infusions in the flavours «Nettle Lime», «Rosemary Rosehip Melissa» and «Lemon Verbena Mint» are being brought onto the Swiss market just in time for the start of spring, providing delicious refreshment on hot days.

Hilcona: new pasta creations for food service customers

Hilcona has recently started supporting its food service customers with numerous innovations.These include variations in unusual shapes such as the new spinach and ravioli hearts. They are not only real eye-catchers, but also completely vegan. This also applies to the new Agnolotti Lentil Curry, Tortelli All'Arrabbiata, Gnocchi and Spaetzli. They all appeal to the growing group of customers who want to avoid animal products in their diet. At the same time, Hilcona is expanding its organic range with a selection of pasta variants.All the new products in this range meet the strict criteria of the Bio-Bud Seal.

Bell Germany: Steaks from Gourmet naturel in sustainable packaging

With four tender steak varieties, Gourmet naturel has been whetting the appetite of its food service customers and consumers alike for the meat of the young French Charolais bulls since the end of last year. Another new feature is the sustainable «Flat-Skin packaging». It requires 75 percent less plastic than conventional meat packaging. In addition, the film and cardboard can be easily separated and disposed of separately. To coincide with the launch of the steak line, Gourmet naturel is also presenting itself on the newly designed homepage in the premium brand's elegant look.


Bell Germany: Abraham Serrano Reserva in wafer-thin slices

The «Serrano Reserva» ham from Abraham matures for twelve months. During this time it develops its unique aroma and tender bite. This combination is particularly effective in the new very finely sliced version, which Bell Germany is launching on the market in 2020. The transparent product design with a good view of the loosely laid, wafer-thin slices ensures an attractive presentation.

Bell Poland: new salami creations

Surveys confirm that Polish customers like variety on their bread. The new salami variations that Bell Poland is currently bringing to supermarkets are just what they need. There are five varieties in the range, including salamis with olives, green pepper,nuts and beef as well as a salami that also contains beef, made in the Italian style with Mediterranean spices. All the varieties have a high meat content and are gluten-free.

Bresc: adapted recipes for tomato products

The difference between Bresc’s «Pomodori Marinati» and «Tomato Bruschetta» has been more marked since the beginning of the year. The tubs with the marinated tomatoes now contain larger pieces, which makes them perfect for salad bars or Italian dishes. The Bruschetta with the slightly finer structure, on the other hand, is easy to spread on bread. In addition, all products of the Dutch Hügli subsidiary have recently been presented to food service customers in a new, more uniform package design.