Made-to-measure work for the catering trade in the new building of Hügli subsidiary Bresc

With cooled herb and garlic products, Bresc Food Service makes work easier for customers throughout Europe. Since the end of last year, the Dutch Hügli subsidiary has had a new home: a new building has been built in Werkendam, where production, logistics and administration are now united in one complex.

Products that are easy to use, leave room for creativity and provide an extra portion of aroma for numerous dishes are very popular with chefs. Just like the cool fresh garlic and herb specialities from Bresc.

This offer has enabled the Dutch company, which has been part of Hügli since 2016, to achieve double-digit growth rates in recent years. As a result, the previous production plant in Sleeuwijk and Giessen in the province of Brabant reached their capacity limits. A new building was needed. The right site was found in the neighbouring Werkendam. Here, on a 1.6 hectare site, a building complex was built in just nine months, into which production, logistics and administration could move in together at the end of 2018. “On the initiative of the Bell Food Group, we bought an additional 3.4 hectares of adjacent land last summer”, reports Arjan Hak, Managing Director of Bresc. “We now also have sufficient space for future expansion.”

Not only all of the company’s processes and around 85 employees are now united at one location. The production plant also meets the latest technology. Thanks to a new temperature system, for example, the raw material can be thawed in half the time required at the old location. At the same time, this process is now even more sustainable thanks to the use of waste heat from cooling.

In addition, the increased space allowed the company to install an additional mixer and cutting system. And the area for weighing the products is now eight times as large as in the previous building. Bresc can now more than double its production capacity: “We estimate that in the future we will be able to produce up to 5,000 tonnes of freshly chilled specialities per year here”, says Arjan Hak. When designing the new building, however, it was not only current technologies and efficient structures that were important to those responsible. It was equally important to them that the architecture reflected the company’s values. “Bresc stands for hospitality, curiosity, openness and teamwork. This philosophy is reflected in the modern, inviting design of our new building”, says Arjan Hak. “Brescuisine”, where the herbal experts can welcome customers and other guests and inspire them with their specialities, also contributes to this. And there are many specialities. The range for food service and the food industry comprises around 450 products. The bestsellers include garlic in various variations, purees made from individual herbs and spice mixtures. All are ready to use and have a long shelf life when cooled – just as it is best for food service customers.

The customers for these products already come from 15 European countries. The main market is the Netherlands, where Bresc generates around 60 per cent of sales – and the trend is rising. The company also sees further growth potential in the DACH region, where Hügli has a strong sales team and can thus exploit synergies.

According to Arjan Hak, synergies not only result during the joint marketing of the products, but also in the kitchen: “Anyone who has ever tasted the Hügli tomato soup seasoned with our ‘Tasty Tomato Bruschetta’ or the Hügli chocolate mousse with our black garlic puree knows how well our brands complement each other.”