Bundled competences in the new iBox

Since last October, Hilcona has been setting the course for the culinary future in its new Competence Centre in Schaan. iBox is the innovation forge in which six teams from product development and from technology and packaging management work closely together. Their common goal is to create exciting new products for the various product categories.

A low-rise building with a small herb garden in front of the entrance is the new home for around 45 «iPeople». This is where Hilcona has brought together the Competence Centres for Meals, Pasta, Veggie and Preserved Convenience as well as Sandwiches & Pizza. The technology and packaging management and project management of the two new manufactory brands «The Green Mountain» and «La Pasteria» are also involved.

Previously housed in three buildings on the Hilcona site in Schaan, these teams now concentrate their work and expertise in one place: the iBox. The «i» in the name stands for innovation. And in the multifunctional workshop, innovation is not only important in terms of developing new products, but also in the way we work.

In the iBox, Hilcona has created an open, communicative atmosphere with a start-up feeling. The placement of the teams in shared offices with sound-absorbing carpets and glass doors is just as much a part of the transparent concept as the «ixChange-Rooms» for exchanging ideas in small groups or the «iEat» coffee kitchen as a meeting place.

To ensure that the cooperation works well, the «iPeople» have established rules for considerate cooperation «For us, the new concept has already proven itself,» reports Dirk Sylvester, Head of the Competence Centre for Meals. «The confined space automatically leads to close cooperation, so that we benefit more than ever from the know-how and insights of our colleagues.»

In this inspiring environment, trend-setting products such as «The Green Mountain» burger can be developed from the idea to market. Authenticity, enjoyment, variety, quality and sustainability are just some of the factors that drive the enjoyment experts.

The coronavirus crisis has shown that the spirit of the iBox is not only felt when everyone is on site: «We have had very good experience with alternative communication methods such as Webex meetings during the time that many employees were working from home,» says Sarah Klein, Head of the Sandwich & Pizza Competence Centre. What iPeople have come up with in close cooperation with the iXperts of iKulinarik will certainly soon be on the plates of customers.