Label received for another three years

For the first time in Switzerland, Bell had its corporate health management system audited three years ago according to the "Friendly Work Space" criteria. In mid-September of this year, the socalled reassessment for the quality seal was scheduled. Two representatives of the health promotion department visited the company and examined the current status of the companyʼs health management system in detail during one day. 

In addition to the “Friendly Work Space” project team headed by Payrolling Manager Daniel Strub, who answered the assessorsʼ questions, Philipp Allemann, Head of Production/Procurement, Noémie Windenberger, Chairwoman of the Employee Representative Committee, and Mathieu Ruolt, Head of the Packaging Department for Brühwurst, also reported on their practical experience.

At the end of September, the team received the good news: Bell Switzerland may also bear the yellow seal in the next three years. “The label once again confirms that we put our employees first and foremost and that Bell is a fair employer that supports its employees even in difficult situations”, explains Julia Peyer, who together with Daniel Strub and Sybille Walpert received the renewed award at a ceremony in Berne at the end of October.

Besides Bell, Hilcona has also been the first company in Liechtenstein to bear the recognised label for corporate health management since last spring. 

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