Bell Group: Large-scale provider of tasty food


Whether meat, poultry, charcuterie, seafood or convenience meals – the Bell Group offers everything that is needed for a treat on the plate. Some 6,500 employees in Europe make sure that a wide range of products is distributed fresh every day.

The Bell Group is one of the leading meat processors in Europe. Its range of products includes meat, poultry, charcuterie, seafood and convenience products. Bell produces traditional and unique specialities in 27 production plants in seven countries, thereby protecting and promoting regional diversity.

With its five strategic product brands Bell, Abraham, ZIMBO, Môssieur Polette and Hoppe, the Bell Group has a well-established brand portfolio. Bell also produces trade and private brands for various customers. In this way the Bell Group meets the diverse needs of its customers, which include the retail and wholesale trade, food service sector and food processing industry.

Bell's products are synonymous with high quality and taste – and therefore with a greater zest for life. As a full-service supplier to its customers, Bell is the number one in its markets. Bell achieves this with a very high level of skill and an excellent performance every day.

The brand portfolio of the Bell Group

Bell: Quality is part of the tradition

With aided brand recognition of more than 95 percent and an excellent image for quality, Bell is one of the leading food brands in Switzerland. The brand looks back on a tradition of more than 140 years and offers a wide range of meat, poultry, charcuterie and seafood products.
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Abraham: The ham specialist

Abraham has been a market leader in Germany and one of the strongest ham brands in Europe for many decades. Thanks to a broad portfolio of ham specialities produced in its own plants in Germany, Spain and Belgium, Abraham is popular and well-known for top-quality air-dried ham products. Abraham continuously cements its position as a ham specialist with innovative products and packaging.
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Hoppe: Uncomplicated enjoyment

The Hoppe brand stands for convenience meals with pork, beef and poultry. The brand was mainly seen in the wholesale trade to date, but will be expanded in future to become a real alternative for the retail trade.
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ZIMBO: Variety for every day

ZIMBO is an umbrella brand for a diversity of charcuterie products that can be enjoyed every day and offer something for every taste. Thanks to its longstanding tradition it is one of the five most important charcuterie brands in Germany and Eastern Europe.
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Môssieur Polette: French salami and ham specialities

Môssieur Polette is the umbrella brand for top-quality French cured sausage and ham specialities. With its plants in Auvergne, Savoy and Lyon, this is the only brand in France that can guarantee several relevant regional certificates of origin for its products. A broad launch of the Môssieur Polette brand in the French market is planned for 2013.
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Hilcona: Fresh pasta and much more

Hilcona developed from Switzerland's largest producer of conserves to a pioneer in the field of fresh convenience food in Switzerland and the neighbouring European countries. As a provider of a complete range of products, Hilcona produces sandwiches, pasta, pizzas, etc. and leads the field in the majority of its product segments. In Germany, Hilcona is the best known brand of fresh pasta.
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