Georg Kirchmaier is Head of Quality Assurance at Süddeutsche Truthahn AG

My recipe for success: I have kept my love of enjoying food with all my senses to this day.

At the age of 23, I took over as Head of Slaughtering at Süddeutsche Truthahn AG and was responsible for managing some 35 employees. I first had to earn their respect and trust. I did this by proving my knowledge and always treating my team with fairness. Today I am the "Girl Friday" in our company when it comes to quality assurance. What has stayed with me to this day in spite of all the theory is my love of enjoying food consciously. Whether it is a cut of meat, a pinch of jungle pepper or special herbs – I just love enjoying them with all my senses. I also find it motivating to have a lot of freedom in my work and that I can leave my own "signature". I also appreciate our work culture that allows everybody to have their own opinion, regardless whether their manager shares this opinion or not. New employees who join us should bring enthusiasm, honesty and an ability to work under pressure, and then all doors for advancement will be open to them at the Bell Food Group. For young people in particular, this is an excellent opportunity to learn other tasks after finishing their training. You can learn a lot about life by spending a year in Spain, France or Switzerland.

Georg Kirchmaier, 38, has been working for Süddeutsche Truthahn AG since 2004. While working as Head of Slaughtering and Deputy Head of Jointing, he trained as a security specialist and took over as Head of Quality Assurance in 2009.