Eisberg – your partner for freshness

Bringing healthy enjoyment into people's daily lives with our fresh products is our vision and the driving force behind our daily commitment.

We are Eisberg - THE partner for fresh convenience salads, vegetables and fruits for more than half a century. We are one of Europe's leading producers and number one in Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

With production plants in Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Romania and Hungary and a purchasing office in Spain, Eisberg serves customers in the retail, food service and food industry sectors with a colourful assortment.

isberg is the result of a fusion of two Swiss vegetable growers and has inspired customers with its freshness and quality since 1972.

1 company, 12 countries:
With 7 production sites,
Eisberg supplies 12 countries


With our colourful fresh produce range, we bring colour to our customers' refrigerated shelves and to our consumers' plates.


Eisberg’s success story began with the foundation of Gastro Star in 1972 and of Eisberg Switzerland in 1976.

Eisberg world

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