Mathias Stemer is a raw materials clerk at Hilcona

My recipe for success: The work is done best if you can motivate your employees and give them your trust. 

«As a trained chef, I started my career in 2004 in the production of non-perishable and fresh convenience products at Hilcona. In the following years, it was not only I that continued to develop further, but also the diversity of the products made by us. It still is and will remain one of the biggest challenges of my job to help my team make products of the same good quality and quantity every day. I know that the work can only be done well if I motivate my employees and give them my trust. Since starting with the company, I have worked in various departments and was able to advance all the time. Today, I work in Quality Assurance and am responsible for checking the incoming raw materials. One of my tasks is to carefully check all incoming goods. I am also responsible for the tasting of the raw materials and the spot checks done on them in the laboratory. As a chef, I find it very motivating that I can still work with food. I also love my job because I can work with many different people and because we have a pleasant working atmosphere. Young employees should show commitment, willpower and motivation to work for us. They will then find that many doors are open to them at the Bell Food Group.» 

Mathias Stemer, 36, has been working for Hilcona since 2004. He first worked in Production, and later as foreman and trainer for new skilled employees. He was promoted to shift leader in 2009, and subsequently took over responsibility for raw materials preparation. In 2018, he joined the Quality Assurance department as Raw Materials Clerk.