An impressive number

There are probably only a few other foods that are subject to as many quality controls as meat. LOOK! did some research and found, using the example of the Bell Würstli, that this claim isn’t just words.

190 is a big number. It is even more impressive when you know that this is the number of quality controls that a Bell Würstli goes through before it is allowed to leave the production plant in Basel. From raw material to finished product. The example of the Bell Würstli, the crunchy sausage made from beef and pork, is a wonderful example of the care that needs to be taken to ensure that a product meets all the requirements for enjoyment and quality.

Quality controls take place throughout the entire manufacturing process: on the animals, raw materials and products, but also on the equipment, means of transport or in production rooms.

For Bell-Würstli, the process starts with the delivery of the cattle and pigs. The supplier’s accompanying documents provide information about the animals such as their origin, the raising method or the name of the farmer. A veterinarian checks the state of health and the ear tag number, and only then is an animal approved for further processing.

About a quarter of the checks take place before the slaughter and ensure the careful handling of animals and compliance with legal requirements, such as the Animal Welfare Ordinance. In processing – from cutting to smoking and packaging – the focus is on the quality of the meat as well as the processing. This quality is maintained afterwards during storage and logistics.

33 out of the total of 190 controls are based on legal standards. The remaining 157 are internal Bell guidelines, customer specifications or food safety standards such as IFS Food or FSSC 22000. 143 controls are a direct part of the process; 47 are so-called support controls, which ensure a general clean and safe production environment: for example, the measurement of germs in the air or testing drinking water.

As numerous and varied as the controls are, each one makes an essential contribution to the production of enjoyable and safe products. In this way, we can guarantee our consumers at all times: It’s good if it’s from the Bell Food Group.