Eden My Veggie Paradise – the oldest vegetarian brand in the world

The brand Eden My Veggie Paradise offered the food retail and organic specialist food segments in Germany, Austria and Switzerland a new vegetarian trend range in June 2018. The initial range consists of 17 items in four product groups: HAPPY BOWL food kits for exotic cooking adventures, SOUP QUICKIES − hot and cold drinkable soups, savoury and tasty «VEGGIE SAUSAGE» products and SPOON TIME − stews and hot-pots for relaxed pleasure.

Eden’s history begins in Berlin in 1893. A group of staunch vegetarians in search of a lifestyle closer to nature performs pioneering work to bring more veggie inspiration into the lives of others. Hügli acquires this gem of a brand in 2015 and, to mark the company’s 125th anniversary, presents the next generation Eden Veggie Paradise with its new brand look, bringing the ideas from Berlin’s own Eden right up to date. Eden pioneered the success of vegetarian foods in Germany and has stood for top quality for many decades. Quality is also an important criterion for the current Eden target group labelled by the Sinus Institute as «adaptive pragmatists». They pay special attention to these three quality characteristics:

Organic quality

Eden’s target group sets great store by organic quality. Its members identify with a healthy, aware and sustainable lifestyle and are very trend-conscious. Products become of interest to this target group as soon as they are certified as organic and translate current trends into food concepts or serve uses compatible with their chosen lifestyle. Eden Bio HAPPY BOWLS, for instance, pick up on the bowl trend from the USA, while Eden SOUP QUICKIES are veggie boosters «to go» to be enjoyed either hot or cold.

Taste guarantee

Taste is another important quality characteristic for this target group. Organic is important, but customers will only be purchase products again if their taste is convincing. The guidelines for Eden’s product developers therefore include the requirement «100% yummy». This taste guarantee is conveyed on the packaging. The seal on Eden’s «VEGGIE SAUSAGE» products such as the BEISS REIN Veggie Wieners says WELL DONE – deliciously good and animal-friendly, but no meat and no frills. SPOON TIME products from Eden simply say «On your spoon, tasty, go!».

Veggie quality

The target group of Eden My Veggie Paradise frequently tries out new products and likes to eat vegetarian every now and then. As the oldest vegetarian brand in the world, Eden is an honest source of inspiration for everyone who want to integrate a little more veggie in their everyday lives without too much effort.