German Cartel Office abandons proceedings against Bell Germany

23.06.2017, Ad hoc release pursuant to Art. 53 LR

The German Cartel Office abandoned its antitrust proceedings against Bell Germany. This cancels the fine of EUR 100 million imposed in July 2014.

The Federal Cartel Office today abandoned the antitrust proceedings for illegal price agreements in the German sausage industry against Bell Deutschland Holding GmbH. This cancels the original fine of EUR 100 million imposed on Bell.

This decision confirms the Bell Food Group's interpretation of the law that Bell Germany was innocent of any antitrust violations. The Bell Food Group from the outset did not consider this fine to be justified, either in fact or under the law, and filed a timely appeal against the decision of the Federal Cartel Office. For the same reason, no provisions were ever raised for this fine.

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