Geiser AG takes over the Frischeparadies Zurich delivery business


The food service specialist Geiser AG in Schlieren (ZH) is taking over the delivery business of Frischeparadies in Zurich. Frischeparadies focuses on supplying the catering sector. From its manufacturing facility in Zurich, it delivers products to many customers in the region and elsewhere. Frischeparadies is particularly well-known for its expertise in seafood and meat.

Geiser is a specialist provider of meat and meat products for the catering market in Switzerland. This takeover ensures the continued delivery of products to existing customers. It also opens up new logistics options for customers for the delivery of fresh seafood and meat specialities.

Geiser AG is owned by Bell Schweiz AG, the leading provider of meat and seafood in Switzerland. The takeover becomes effective on 1 November 2023. All staff will continue to be employed. The parties have agreed to keep the details of the takeover confidential.

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