«Pasta Tradizionale» is fresh pasta that’s just like hand-made

«Pasta Tradizionale» from Hilcona was only launched in October but is not really new. After all, the four filled versions are also full of tradition, just as the name implies. Hilcona is introducing the new concept in cooperation with Frostag.

A thin pasta dough, a surface dusted lightly with flour, attractive packaging with an artisanal appeal – tortelli and tortelloni from the new Hilcona range really do look hand-made. And to add to the culinary enjoyment, the recipes are four traditional pasta classics: Tortelli Pesto Basilico, Tortelli Antipasti di Verdura, Tortelloni Funghi and Tortelloni Prosciutto Crudo e 4 Formaggi. All just slightly pre-steamed so that the customer can determine the cooking time themselves – from firm to al dente to soft.

«Selected ingredients and the freshness aspect are important factors when it comes to reaching into the chilled cabinet», says Michael Sedda, Brand Manager at Hilcona. «But it’s not always about new products. The demand for traditional, original products that look hand-made and the associated feeling of home cooking has increased significantly.»

Hilcona works together with Frostag to fulfil these customer needs and wishes. The plant in Landquart with its artisanal character offers Hilcona perfect production conditions for the new range. The plant produces fine pasta specialities thanks to high standards of quality and diligence and, of course, the necessary know-how. Edeka customers in Germany were the first to enjoy the new product line when it launched in October. Expansion to include other retail chains and countries is planned for next year. Hilcona is accompanying the launch with great recipes to encourage its community of better-eater fans to get cracking in the kitchen. Our pasta experts reveal one of them in LOOK! You can find more on the Hilcona website.