Nina Lemke is a brand manageress at Hügli

Her recipe for success: by adopting a flexible and open-minded approach to the exceptionally fast development of our industry, I can help to shape change proactively.

“Since joining Hügli in 2013, I have been working in great teams with people who are always motivated by their jobs. As a result, they genuinely enjoy their work. Starting out as a junior product manageress for the “OSCHO” brand, I have since progressed to become the brand and communications manageress for “Eden” and one of my tasks has been to contribute to the brand relaunch.

From the outset, Hügli offered me a wide range of tasks and the opportunity to acquire know-how in many different sectors. In my present job, I am now able to combine strategy and implementation. The fact that I am an interface between all the departments and sites on issues surrounding our products makes my job particularly fascinating. For me, the biggest challenge here is the exceptional pace of progress in our industry which brings many changes. I always try to approach these changes with an open-minded and flexible approach and take the opportunity to act and help to shape change proactively.

For me, collegial, appreciative and fair inter-personal dealings at Hügli are very important and remain so even if something goes wrong from time to time. As I see it, people who begin their professional life with us have the best foundation to progress if they ask many questions and always think outside the box. If people are committed and aware of the inter-departmental relationships and interfaces of the business, work becomes easier not just for themselves but also for the whole team. That is also the best way to convince your boss that he can entrust a wide range of tasks to you in complete confidence”.

Nina Lemke, aged 32, joined Hügli in 2013 as junior product manageress for the OSCHO brand; one year later, she took over the Erntesegen brand as product manageress. Since 2015, she has been in charge of brand management including product and process in-sourcing for the Eden brand and was a member of the project team who helped to develop and implement the introduction of the Eden brand world “My Veggie Paradise”.