Bell Suisse SA

Charcuterie Plant Cheseaux Switzerland


Bell Suisse SA
Case postale 202
Chemin du Châtelard 5
1033 Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne
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Tel. +41 58 326 2626
Fax. +41 58 326 9903


Operations manager Christophe Maillard
Plant number 1177
Production area (in m2) 8600
Floor area (in m2) 45'213
Year of construction 2014
Expansion of plant Planed in 2017
Number of employees 142
Certifications / Awards IFS, CH Organic Ordinance, Bio Suisse, Suisse Garantie, Naturafarm, from the region Neuchatel Fribourg, from the region Vaud, IP-Suisse, PGI, Bio Knospe
Max. production capacity per year (based on finished goods, in tonnes) 7000
Processing technologies Fresh bratwurst, Cured sausage, Scalded sausage, Fresh cured goods, Cooked cured goods
What is produced? Vaudois specialities;fresh bratwurst;Cooked cured goods