Fishless fish and meatless meat for Foodservice clients

Crispy breading and a bite like the original, Hilcona Foodservice recently launched a new product package for the professional kitchen: Nuggets, ocean sticks and escalopes show a possible future of meat and fish imitations, a second wave creates other classics of international cuisine in a meatless way.

Poultry, fish or meat from an animal-friendly and sustainable practise, alternated with vegetarian or vegan products for a rich and balanced diet. So thinks agrarian scientist Ulrike Weiler: «Humans are omnivores in terms of nutrition physiology, and animals are also part of agri-culture for me. Without animals, a circular economy, as it is the goal of organic farming, is hard to imagine. However, the amount of meat consumed by us is too high.» So flexitarism as a realistic and there-fore sustainable nutritional style? The culinary experts from Hilcona, inspired by the approach of «meatlessness», created interesting solutions for professionals: The vegan nuggets and ocean sticks are thanks to a crispy breading and being a meat-like or fish-like bite a treat for consumers looking for meat substitutes, and therefore for products, which in form, consistency and taste are close to the products of animal origin.

Thai curry
Strips with cream

Easy portioning, flexible preparation

Hilcona Product Manager Christina Matitz adds: «Our meat and fish imitations are vegetarian, many even vegan, based on soy protein and rich in fibre. Due to their recipe and their juicy-delicate consistency, they also regularly surprise convinced fish and meat fans.» The products create a sea of possibilities: They are an eye-catcher on the salad as well as when served as a snack with homemade dips and sauces – ideal for the catering of young guests in school canteens. Also classics, in the centre of the plate, nuggets and ocean sticks succeed. The portioning is simple, the preparation flexible: steamer, oven, pan and deep fryer work equally well.

«Pleasure» instead of «meatless»

A third novelty at Hilcona Foodservice is rolling in the same direction: vegetarian escalopes. Golden brown crispy breading and a juicy bite result in authentic escalope pleasure based on soy protein. They are served by professionals in the centre of the plate, in all imaginable new and well-tried accompaniments, trendy in a burger or to go as filling in a bread roll. «This is how we create culinary variety, which finally puts ‹pleasure› instead of ‹meatless› back into the foreground», explains Matitz. For vegetarian and vegans the escalope Nature is interesting, for vegetarians the escalope Cheese. With the new meat-imitating trio consisting of nuggets, ocean sticks and escalopes, Hilcona Foodservice provides professionals with a successful product package. High quality, convincing in taste and with a hitherto unattained bite. Yeah, it might actually work that way

Now classics become vegetarian

It’s high time to rethink the classics of international cuisine. Since February there are goulash and bolognese as vegan, strips with cream sauce and Thai curry as vegetarian variation. All four products are a guaranteed success, easy to prepare in combination steamer, oven and pan, and stable. They are ideal for varied and high-quality buffets and catering for nutrition-conscious guests. Honestly, not only the chickens laugh.