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Bell Food Group – Leading in Food

Together we shape our future

Dear Employees

As our company has grown, the diversity of people, cultures and business areas has grown steadily with it. This enriches our work and makes people more and more the focus of what we do. Which is a good thing, we achieve our goals together and bring our brand to life. At the same time, your continuing development is important to us and we would like to encourage you to contribute ideas, show your initiative and take responsibility. Because we will only succeed in giving our best for customers and consumers and making products of the highest quality with your individual strengths and with values that we live by together.

It is our pleasure to take this path together with you.

Group Executive Board of the Bell Food Group

This is what we want to achieve

We want to become one of the best food companies in Europe acting competently and responsibly in a happy working environment. An ambitious goal to which we all commit every day. In which we are all guided by shared values and principles.

This is what we stand for

We make progress together. Our values show what we stand for and guide us in our daily work.

We love the good things.

What we do is good and has stood for premium quality for more than 150 years. We keep pace with, support and delight our customers, partners and consumers with our wide range of expertise, craftsmanship and firm financial basis. This means that people can count on us – now and in the future.

We shape the future.

We don't just rest on our laurels, we challenge ourselves and our customers time and again. To make things better and to find solutions to known and new challenges. This is how we anticipate the future and actively shape it with all our might.

We take responsibility.

It is our responsibility to think and act sustainably. We know there is still much to be done and we are doing everything we can to improve a little every day. We want to set a good example and make a contribution to a life in harmony with our environment.

Focus on people

At Bell Food Group, the focus is on people. With their individual skills, their needs and our common goals. We want our employees to be happy to come to work and be able to make a contribution to our common success. We offer an honest and kind working environment that is shaped by esteem.

Management principles

The management principles define the topics that are important to us in managing our company and our employees. The management principles are binding for all managers and serve as a guideline for all employees.

I’m a role model

  • Put our values and management principles into practice
  • Be modest and approachable
  • Act sincerely and transparently
  • Practise equality, do not discriminate

I show appreciation

  • Show interest and respect
  • Listen actively
  • Trust people
  • Give honest, constructive feedback
  • Express praise

I decide

  • Take responsibility
  • Communicate clearly, convey the sense
  • Implement decisions consistently
  • Delegate in a targeted manner
  • See change as an opportunity

I demonstrate performance

  • Demonstrate commitment and discipline
  • Increase your own professional development and skills
  • Inspire motivation and enthusiasm
  • Make use of the team’s strength
  • Work in a target and solution-oriented manner

I support further development

  • Encourage people
  • Recognize, support and coach talents
  • Give people freedom
  • See mistakes as an opportunity
  • Share knowledge and experience

What unites us

Together works better The following principles are intended to bring us closer together as a team. This is how we make our mark in our industry – as a business, as a team, as individuals.