How will we work in the future?

Dear Employees,

The world of work is currently undergoing changes at an unprecedented speed. We are experiencing many societal, political and technological changes. The sustainability of what we do, as people and as a company, is becoming more and more important. Digitisation, increasing interconnectivity, and changes in consumers’ expectations all require constant adaptation. This transition demands a workforce that is independent, motivated, and open to change.

As the HR department, we support the companies of the Bell Food Group in establishing themselves as the most attractive employers in their industry and region with HR strategy 2026+. Find out more in the video. Filming did not aways go as planned, as you can watch here.

Questions and answers

The world of work is changing, and so are we. Naturally, this brings up many questions involving us and our work. The HR-Strategy 2026+ enables us to address these issues and continue to lead the way in the future. Submit your questions about the new HR strategy and read others' questions and answers here.

I want to continue my professional development. Will the HR Department and the HR strategy support me?

We at HR support employees as well as their managers in the selection of suitable further development opportunities.

Frank Wermter

Frank Wermter,
Head of Personnel Development

How will I find competent skilled workers for my department in the future?

The labour market has undoubtedly become more difficult for employers. This makes it all the more important that we stand out – through attractive employment and working conditions, through respectful hiring processes and through new and innovative recruitment processes.

Johannes Meister,
Head of HR Bell Schweiz

Are there any plans to introduce programmes for further training beyond Switzerland, Austria and Germany?

Yes, our goal is to offer international opportunities starting at some point in 2023. We intend to start with basic courses in the areas of processes (MAG), management and communication. We're also considering to what extent we can integrate offers through TopX.

Alexander Ganz

Alexander Ganz,
Head of HR Eisberg

Why is the Bell Food Group's remote work at only 20%?

We at the Bell Food Group encourage a strong sense of togetherness. At workplaces where it is feasible, we allow employees to work remotely one day per week. On the other days, however, we place great value on being together: developing ideas as a team, enjoying each other's input and moving forward confidently. Our team relationships are our strengths.

Endrik Dallmann,
Head HR Bell Food Group

I know a young person in school who would like to study at the Bell Food Group. Where can I learn more about educational offers?

Ask your local HR to learn whether and what courses of study are offered at your location.

Sandra Soto

Sandra Soto,
Head of HR Projects Bell Food Group

We employees in Production do not have access to the intranet. What information channels can we use to learn more about our company?

Starting in the second half of 2022, Bell will be using "my Bell Food Group" as an information tool for our employees. Our goal is to keep all interested employees informed on "my Bell Food Group" and facilitate interactive exchange. Ask your manager or local HR to learn when "my Bell Food Group" will be available in your department.

Endrik Dallmann,
Head HR Bell Food Group

HR Strategy 2026+ activities

The new HR Strategy 2026+ includes six major topics. We explain them here.


Our HR organisation undergoes further development in a benefit-orientated manner. We take an active role in the further development of the entire organisation, thus contributing to the success of the Bell Food Group.


We contribute to identification with the Bell Food Group for employees and candidates alike. We promote a culture of appreciation, employee networks and open exchange.


We harmonise our actions Group-wide through consistent implementation of guidelines and definition of HR standards.


We digitalise our services Group-wide and maintain a master data pool and common key figures for all employees.

Employee development

We strive to fill most management positions internally. We therefore provide continuing training tailored to levels and needs, and offer apprenticeships and higher education for important vocations.

Recruitment and retention

We offer candidates attractive employment and working conditions and create opportunities for a diverse workforce with more women in management positions.