We are the people behind Eisberg

The people who work at Eisberg are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and take a responsible attitude towards achieving this. Throughout the year, our 1,400 employees across Europe work hard every day to ensure the availability of top-quality goods.

André von Steiger

Chief Executive Officer

Christian Guggisberg

Managing Director Eisberg AG Switzerland / Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Franco Mühlgrabner

Managing Director Eisberg Austria

Sylvain Agassis

Managing Director Sylvain & Co

Maria José Cánovas Perez

Chief Purchasing Officer / Managing Director E.S.S.P.

Zoltan Gazsi

Managing Director Eisberg Hungary

André Julmi

Head of Quality Management

Kristof Spaeth

Managing Director Eisberg Poland

Lucian Trofin

Managing Director Eisberg Romania

Tobias Wölfle

Head of Finance Eisberg Group

From left to right: André Julmi (Head of Quality Management Eisberg Group), Lucian Trofin (Managing Director Eisberg Romania), Sylvain Agassis (Managing Director Sylvain & Co), Franco Mühlgrabner (Managing Director Eisberg Austria; deputy CEO Eisberg Group until 1st of August 2019), André von Steiger (CEO Eisberg Group from 1st of August 2019 on), Christian Guggisberg (CEO Eisberg Group until 1st of August 2019, afterwards deputy CEO Eisberg Group; Managing Director Eisberg AG Switzerland), Maria José Canovas (CPO Eisberg Group; Managing Director E.S.S.P. Spain), Zoltan Gazsi (Managing Director Eisberg Hungary), Tobias Wölfle (Head of Finance Eisberg Group), Kristof Späth (Managing Director Eisberg Poland)