Hilcona gives full steam ahead in an environmentally friendly way

Hilcona has been relying on environmentally-friendly energy use in the climate-neutral production of food for ten years. Thanks to the use of waste heat from the nearby waste incineration plant, the Schaan site produces CO2 neutrally via a specially built steam pipeline.

The energy bridge at the waste incineration plant in Buchs, Switzerland, has been in place for a good ten years. Since then, both Hilcona and two other companies in Schaan have been supplied with steam energy via a long-distance pipeline. In 2019 alone, six million litres of heating oil were saved at the Hilcona plant, which corresponds to the needs of 4200 households. Thanks to the construction of the steam pipeline, waste heat generated by the incineration of waste in neighbouring Buchs can be used as energy for processing food.

16,000 tons of CO2 less

This means that using steam results in a saving of 16,000 tons of CO2. «We have set out to further intensify our efforts in the area of sustainability,precisely because of our economic growth,»explains CEO Martin Henck. «This includes, for example, the conscious use of carefully cultivated and regional raw materials, new products with an improved ecological balance, environmentally-friendly packaging and the on going optimisation of our processes. We see this process as a path of continuous improvement. The construction of the steam pipeline has been a very big step forward for us, and has enabled us to use climate-neutral waste heat as an energy source for ten years now.»

Pleasure, health, environment

Hilcona customers are also changing. Consumers want to enjoy a healthy and pleasant diet with little impact on the environment. In the past, the focus was on pleasure. Today, healthy nutrition and sustainability are much more highly valued. It is Hilcona's claim to make a measurable contribution to the conservation of resources. Martin Henck emphasises: «We do not see sustainability as a fad, but rather as the expression of respect for fellow human beings and the nature on which we all ultimately depend.»