A juicy family

Is it a struggle to eat enough fruit and vegetables? Well, it no longer need be thanks to Eisberg's new juices and smoothies. The six deliciously diverse varieties taste like freshly squeezed – for almost a whole month. This is thanks to an innovative process that requires no heat at all.

At Eisberg, taste and vitamins are now bottled. «Green Boost», «Tropical Charge», «Chia Burst», «Orange Crush», «Purple Power» and «Veggie Bomb» are the names given to the new smoothies and juices by our freshness specialists. These products contain nothing but the best fruits and vegetables, which also means that they are one hundred percent natural and vegan. Moreover, their shelf life of 28 days is more than five times longer than that of freshly-made juices or smoothies.

The reason for this is the clever process used in the production of the new Eisberg creations. Fruit and vegetables are first cold pressed and then bottled. In the second step, these bottles are placed in a high-pressure container where the water pressure is comparable to that of 60 kilometres below the sea surface. This kills off germs while preserving the delicate ingredients. «High Pressure Processing» or «HPP» for short, is the name of this method of preserving food. In contrast to pasteurised juices, which use heat, taste and vitamin shave no chance of escaping. «‹HPP› is an established and widely-known process in the fruit juice sector,» explains Martin Wohlwend, Head of Business Development and Communication. «The technology is also interesting for various other ready-to eat products such as soups, sauces, hummus, ham and sausages.» Eisberg launched its new juice family at the end of last year. The primary market is Switzerland, with Austria next in line to follow, provided the launch is successful. Presentations and tastings of the fruity vitamin bombs at trade fairs and with existing and potential customers accompany the launch.

Eisberg's new concept is aimed primarily at catering establishments. These drinks offer them the high practical benefit, among others, of a juicer no longer being required to enable guests to enjoy the taste of freshly-squeezed juices. This eliminates the often time-consuming cleaning and maintenance of the machine. Naturally, the products are also interesting for the retail trade and system catering. This is why Eisberg is the prime candidate for the award for the tastiest and easiest way to stock up on the daily ration of fruit and vegetables.