Products and procurement

The Bell Food Group holds a leading position in the marketplace due to its strategic alignment in the field of «Products and Procurement». Particular attention in this regard is placed on the four focal areas of animal products, raw plant materials, packaging and auxiliary and operating materials. We also set great store by machine procurement and customised building technology.

Animal welfare has a high priority in view of our reputation as a major European meat processing company. In Switzerland, where we slaughter and butcher our own meat, the Bell Food Group sells a large proportion of meat from farms operating with a higher standard of animal welfare. Around half of the animals slaughtered come from farms that maintain a higher standard of animal welfare. In fact, in the poultry sector the figure is 100 per cent. Consumers outside Switzerland are also becoming more sensitive about animal welfare on farms. We are the biggest supplier of organic poultry in Austria and the market leader in Germany for organic turkey. We promote sustainable fishing methods as the biggest provider of seafood in Switzerland. Bell Switzerland is a founder member of the WWF Seafood Group and 99 percent of Bell Seafood's products come from sustainable sources that meet the criteria of the WWF.

We use regional and sustainably grown ingredients for our convenience products. The vast majority of our raw plant materials in the Hilcona business area are grown under contract in accordance with defined sustainability criteria. The minimum standard is certification of the farmers by SwissGAP.

Minimum standards have been defined for all critical raw materials. These include raw materials such as eggs, palm oil and vegetables. We ensure compliance with social and environmental criteria through these minimum standards.