Our corporate guiding principles


Together we achieve convincing targets

We are players on the international, national, regional and local stages. We build on the individual strengths of our employees and offer them a wealth of development and career progression opportunities.


Together we come closer to one another

We know our customers and speak their language. We take customer concerns seriously and offer round-the-clock services. We ourselves are passionate customers of our company.


Together we shape our future

We are initiators and multiplicators of new sustainable services. We facilitate effective and fast processes by combining skills and discretionary competence. We inspire the courage to be creative and the will for change. We measure ourselves against the best and pay attention to detail. We use new technologies to design intelligent solutions. We are a learning organisation.


Together we create trust

We agree objectives and measures. We act in compliance with defined customer and supplier principles, internally and externally. We find solutions as part of a constructive dialogue. We consistently implement decisions. We lead by example. We act responsibly and in a socially acceptable manner. We reward success.


Together we create added value

We have a reputation for freshness and quality. We are uniquely committed to sustainability in all its dimensions: economic, ecological and social. We set the standards for service and customer guarantees. We communicate proactively and effectively.

Media communications


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