Code of Conduct

Our vision: reaching the top, together. The strategy we have adopted to achieve this goal is centred on four values: Quality, Tradition, Taste and Sustainable Services. How we want these values to be applied on a daily basis is articulated in our Corporate Guiding Principles, and our Code of Conduct provides a more detailed overview. It communicates the rules we want our employees to observe in their interactions with one another and with all our external partners. It defines the boundaries that must be respected, no ifs, no buts, and outlines how we intend to deal with transgressions. The entire workforce of the Bell Food Group as a whole, including all our companies in Switzerland and abroad, are bound by our Code of Conduct, and each and every one of us is responsible for ensuring that we measure up to these standards at all times, without fail.

It is not always easy to decide what the ‘right’ conduct is. If in doubt, and as a basic rule, we must refrain from doing anything that could harm Bell Food Group’s excellent reputation. The good of the company should be more important than personal advantage, and honesty should be our constant companion. In case of doubt, seek advice from your manager or the Compliance officer, if required and requested in a confidential setting.

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Michael Gloor

Michael Gloor
Head of Internal Audit |Chief Compliance Officer

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