Bell Food Group at a glance

The Bell Food Group is one of the leading European providers in its product groups and number one in Switzerland. This company steeped in tradition was established in 1869 when Samuel Bell opened his butcher’s shop in the inner city of Basel. The product range includes meat, poultry, charcuterie, seafood and convenience products such as salads, sandwiches, ready-made meals and pasta. More than 10,000 employees in 10 countries work hard every day to prepare top-quality products that give much enjoyment to millions of consumers. To achieve this objective, we work closely with our suppliers and
distribution partners in the retail trade, food service sector and food processing industry.

Important key figures

Financial year 2017

Number of employees


Proceeds from sale of goods (in CHF million)


Gross profit (in CHF million) 1,310.7

Equity (in CHF million)


Net investments in property, plant and equipment (in CHF million)


EBITDA (in CHF million)


EBIT (in CHF million)


Net profit (in CHF million)



Sales by product group in tonnes, Product group

Freash Meat 55.5
Poultry 152.3
Seafood 7.1
Charcuterie 130.0
Convenience 108.2


The separate management report describes the financial performance of the Bell Food Group in detail.

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